Thursday, October 4, 2007


This Austin-based band has a solid long-term following—above ground and below. The tinny band name Spoon was inspired by the title of a 1972 avant-garde krautrock hit of the same title. These days, we use the tag experimental  to reference sound sketching bands that enhance the underground music scenery—and occasionally spike up on popular music charts.

Pitchfork contributing writer Eric Harvey gave Underdog  the if-any-track-was designation of quintessential Spoon pop single. Coincidentally, Spoon has a band member by the name of Eric Harvey who contributes keyboard, guitar, percussion, backing vocals.

Consumers use a spoon to scoop up every drop, as you should. Spoon's latest entrée Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, is a track listing of savory rock creations, and has nothing to do with the Heimlich manoeuvre. Also, any valley girl-ian gag me with a spoon reference is antithetic. Their latest sonic menu is a g-g-g-g-grower, according to the highfalutin critical crowd.
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