Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The lyrical minimalism of the whispery Pale Blue Eyes by Barzin, from his self-titled debut, can be compared to the alt-country song Cow by Sparklehorse. Which itself stirs hearts through disconnected esoteric imagery. In contrast, Barzin's warm vocals reflect on emotional relationships in slow-motion - and quiet introspection - backed by pedal steel guitar and drums with brushes. In this dreamy sonic space, strings are encouraged to ring out, then fade. And a syllable can have a whole measure if it wishes.

Pale blue eyes
In search of flight
You do not know
How hard you will fall
How hard you will fall
In November 2007, the debut LP will be re-released in Europe by Monotreme to cover a wider area this time; as well as the digital internet offering. His next record is due in October 2008.

In 2006, Barzin released a second - wholly slowcore - album, My Life In Rooms, which contains the track Leaving Time. A Vincent Moon video captures the emotional essence of a man whose thoughts are overshadowed by the lovely face of the woman who left him.

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