Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Art in Manila

After receiving differing opinions from legal consultants, "the band formerly known as Art Bell" is now labeled Art in Manila. The former, a more direct reference to the well-known radio host for paranormal research programming. Who in recent years, relocated his show from Nevada to the Philippines - then back to Nevada again.

Band leader, Orenda Fink, is singeing Smokey Bear with the group's August debut of Set the Woods on Fire. Lyrically, her material can tend to be introspective - with explicit details camouflaged, as opposed to a stereotypical "emo tell-all."

Fink's sensuous somber vocal habit carries the upbeat Our Addictions  through haunted string stretches and twangs of country-rock.

stream @ pitchfork (the sweat descends - art in manila)
mp3 @ pitchfork (set the woods on fire - art in manila)
mp3 @ lostinyourinbox (our addictions - art in manila)
mp3 @ saddle creek (the abomination - art in manila)
interview @ miami new times (orenda fink)
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