Sunday, October 21, 2007

Chris and Thomas

Chris and Thomas, Los Angeles-based crooning duo, released their debut full-album Land of Sea during the summer. Along with standard instruments, their southwestern soundscape was sculpted with such tools as mandolin, cello, steel guitar and banjo. In this sonic space, vocals coalesce in harmonies that complement the focal point of their folk sound. True to their band name, neither singer abandons any of their harmonies to sing solo.

Through traditional folk-styled lyrics, the title track - Land of Sea - serenades with imagery of desert coyotes and night skies dense with stars. Smooth melodies to sooth the caffeine-inclined at mom-and-pop java shops.

At the 2006 Independent Music Awards, their song Take These Thoughts beat out four other finalists to take the Americana Song of the Year category.

At performances, Chris and Thomas are known to share a single condenser microphone like a couple of folkies performing on a corner pub's open stage.

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