Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pleasure Forever

Pleasure Forever, formerly known as Slaves, has followed up their full-album with an EP of unreleased tracks and B-sides titled Bodies Need Rest. The band is currently inactive, while the three members work on other projects; each live in a different Californian city.

Their albums present a variety of styles, while vocal and guitar distortion are ever present. The Bar features distinctive post-punk vocals, with a gyrating rock guitar rhythm, which is built up at the beginning of this Black Flag cover song. The song has been pulled out of its original hardcore-punk wrapper for post-punk experimentation.

If there ever was a potential breakout Pleasure Forever hit, that would be Wicked Shivering Columbine. That title Subpop suggested as another name for the band's latest sky-blue LP Alter. Early in the track, a distorted vocal assault draws the listener to the edge of their seat.

The band's name expresses self-indulgence. But in contrast to the rock-and-roll archetype of self-destruction, exemplified by booze guzzling, and - at its worst - heroin addiction. Instead, risk is incorporated "in things that seem sensible," according to drummer Dave Clifford.
What our whole aesthetic and interest is [as related to human nature is] that we like to be perched at this precipice where we stand a chance of self-destruction in the name of pleasure and in the name of enjoying ourselves. To me, that’s a wonderfully poetic element of humanity, that we risk our own lives to make it feel like we’re actually living." - Dave Clifford

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