Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Jonathan Cavier

Previous Release titled Premier

Singer/Songwriter Jonathan Cavier described the meaning of his song titled January from his previous release titled Premier.

I wanted to write a song with some duality. Where you think it means one thing, but if you look at it sideways, it could mean something else. Like an abstract painting. January could mean meeting someone new or it could mean the chance to start over, re-invent yourself and make a new start. In the video, directed by my longtime friend, Dave Lepori chose to go with the first impression of the song, where there's someone or something new. The recent music success this project has experienced could also be the something new that was always out there, and has certainly pulled me in out of nowhere as the line in the song goes. The basic 4 piece band sound (guitar, 12 string bass, drums, and keys) was the minimal sound I wanted to keep in this collection of songs. January is the first song on the CD and sets the stage for the sonic elements throughout the CD. The floating string sounds of the Roland Jupiter 8 patches in the background give the right amount of air and space to the piece. Both sonically and lyrically, this piece is presented with enough distance between the tracks for the listener to decide their meaning of the song.

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