Thursday, February 2, 2017

James Patrick Morgan

Atlanta-based James Patrick Morgan produced a pop-rock EP stacked with several radio singles. His song list is more like a concert set encompassing numerous projects. LPs rarely contain as many good songs. Which becomes a matter of choosing which fave to call your own fave. Among other genres, soul is easier to detect, while some listeners might catch a country vibe at times. Variety is a spice of this album.

His music shines with positive light. Perhaps the love aspect from the album's title, Art + Work = Love, has something to do with that. Just as work is much easier for those who love their jobs. For example, his song titled Alone fails to cast a somber shadow. This artist must be one of those types who wakes up in a good mood every morning.

Morgan's polished pop has been perfected for radio, but listeners can also imagine entire concert halls dancing along with Expected. This artist is definitely ready for larger venues.

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