Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Acorn

This month, the fruit of the oak falls to make a sweet sound in the forest with Glory Hope Mountain. A word play title and lyrical silhouette of Gloria Esperanza Montoya, mother of Rolf Klausener - main songwriter for The Acorn.

Last December, this Ottawa, Ontario-based folk-rock band released the six-pack EP Tin Fist, after a year-long tour.

The Acorn is now slated to perform at the second venue of their 21 stop Canadian tour that will hit Montreal on October 11th. The home town of keyboard player Keiko Devaux, who joined Acorn in 2006.

Klausener informed Exclaim! that Lullaby (Mountain) captured the essence of the relationship between he and his mother. Also, after learning that Honduran lullabies were traditionally sung by one or two women, the feminine touch of Casey Mecija from Toronto-based Ohbijou was used for the six-pence sweetened vocal melody on Glory's final track.

mp3 @ gvsbchris (lullaby mountain - the acorn)
mp3 @ ipickmynose (dents - the acorn)
mp3 @ quickbeforeitmelts (blankets - the acorn)
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