Saturday, October 6, 2007

Pale Young Gentlemen

Madison-based Pale Young Gentlemen can be tossed into the baroque pop genre. But their classical compositions featuring piano-cello arrangements are much more baroque than pop. From a group that gives riffs to cello - rather than some distorted electric guitar - the typical indie-head may not expect to find anything buzzworthy. True that - in an MTV sense - but not every ear insists exclusively upon stereotypical pop formulas that spark in the upper slots of the independent Billboard chart. Where you can find emo, rap and death-metal jockeying for position in the top 20.

There may be indications that PYG will not repeat the same theme and style saturation next time. The indie-rock-pop genre tag in their MySpace profile does not seem tongue-in-cheek. A band of this sort would need to lean toward a more popular sound in order to increase their fan base. They clearly have the talent to accomplish that.

PYG's self-titled debut LP is an example of a dark horse avant-garde band disguised as a group of musicians crammed into a tiny orchestra pit in a little theater. The work of a innovative band showing off its classical chops to the world.

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