Saturday, October 27, 2007


Mike Kinsella a.k.a. Owen released an album about one year ago titled At Home with Owen that steps away from the eclectic list of indie bands he worked with: Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc, American Football and Owls.

Bad News pulls the listener into the singer's painfully honest acoustic introspection.
whatever it is you think you are, you aren't
a good friend, unique, well-read
good-looking, or smart
well now you know
That last line is sonically absorbed by a fleshed out break that follows. Such vocal subtlety during a hook might seem unconventional. But Kinsella's voice fades to bring out the beauty of a trickling piano rhythm that follows - one scene transitions into another.

Kinsella laid out more tracks in the studio for At Home in order to "get closer" to how he imagines particular tracks should sound. "I hear the songs in my head a certain way," Kinsella told Scene Point Blank. And it is the first Owen album that was not produced solo. Some tracks were laid out at Semaphore Studios and Engine Studios.

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