Saturday, October 13, 2007


This Uppsala-based band's latest full-album, Solace in Sore Hands, contains a stirring narrative with civil war imagery that might give listeners the impression that a sleepless Confederate soldier had actually penned the lyrics by the light of a candle. This coming from Swedish songwriter Olof Gidlöf of the alt-country group Amandine, but the uninformed might have assumed that a southern U.S.-based folk band produced the sonically authentic track Soldiers Hands.
and all the soldiers' hands were red
from all the tears and blood that's shed
Then the storyteller switches viewpoints from outsider to insider, offering both angles for the imagination to project.
and in the morning when the reveille
pulls us from more sleep
Through winsome vocal tracks, Gidlöf imbues the ongoing American Civil War story with deep iceberg blues.

Their most pop-friendly track is Secrets.

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