Saturday, December 29, 2007

Howling Bells

Juanita Stein performs lead vocals and rhythm guitar for the Australian indie-rock band Howling Bells, which decided to make London their home.

On 17 August 2006, Howling Bells lead guitarist related to CD Times how the band's popularity had increased since they began touring in the UK. Early on, the band would see fifteen to thirty people at their shows. Now we’re on our third tour and we're selling most of the venues...—Joel Stein

During the songwriting process, ideas have been presented, deconstructed and then reconstructed with bionic limbs by Joel and bassist Brendan Picchio.

Juanita's the main songwriter, but the process is different every time. She'll usually come up with a song or lyrics, and then the band will tear it apart. We build it. Brendan and I have written a lot of riffs, and sometimes we'll go into the rehearsal room and a song will come out of those riffs.—Joel Stein

In an interview with The Electric Newspaper, Juanita Stein described the earthy studio where HB's self-titled debut album was recorded:

The studio wasn't this ridiculously lavish gold and marble room with room for an orchestra; it was old, and small, and earthy, with stones on the wall. Ken was unbelievably down to earth, and very gentle and very warm, and so for us it was a very earthy experience.

Note: Ken Nelson is known for his work with Coldplay.

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