Friday, December 21, 2007

Chasing Dorotea

The Swedish band, Chasing Dorotea, released its debut album in 2002 on Summersound Records(which later merged with Labrador Records). Band-leader singer-songwriter Christopher Sander, wrote a new-old song titled Champagne, which represents a joint effort with Elin Almered and Janina Frank. Sander weaves a tapestry of mixed metaphors and haunting electronic elements.

but little sister don't go jumpin off a bridge
fill your hole with poetry, and close the wound with a stitch

The Anchor Song - from Chasing Dorotea's 2002 debut album—illustrates the bond between a loving couple through innocent metaphors, sung by Sander and Swedish actress Tuva Novotny side-by-side. The completely unassuming sweetness of the song charms to the marrow.

there is an ocean in your eyes
deeper than the dark-blue sea

A few more titles from the coming CD's growing discography are Old Man & the Ladybug, Homka FM and Compassion.

Christopher Sander's songwriting has been compared to the style of Mark Kozelek. Dorotea in the band's name is a dyslexic version of the name Teodora(or Theodora).

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