Monday, December 3, 2007

The Foundry Field Recordings

Columbia-based four-piece The Foundry Field Recordings released their latest album Prompts/Miscues in October 2006. And their track titled Holding the Pilots/Holding the Facts was included in KEXP Seattle's Music That Matters 27 podcast.

In November 2006, Columbia Daily Tribune staff reporter Mary T. Nguyen went on the road with FFR to New York City.

In March 2007, Emergency Umbrella released a three-track exclusive digital-only EP through Emergency Umbrella.

In May, FFR endured their late night recording session at the Daytrotter studio.

In June, FFR released Fallout Shelters—the five-track limited edition companion EP to Prompts/Miscues—which included the three-tracks from the Emergency Umbrella release, and a cover of the song Caribou.

The extended balladic piano intro of Transistor Kids sketches a sad apocalyptic soundscape, then shifts to moderate rock:

so you killed off the last transistor kid
and you can't figure out what you did
Shoegaze guitars enter when the chorus returns, until the final stage of the sonic build-up is completely taken over by fuzzy guitar—delivering a strong current of shoegaze-pop amplification, to finish the EP.

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