Monday, December 24, 2007

Dear Euphoria

Stockholm-based singer-songwriter Elina Johansson named her project Dear Euphoria(derived from a affectionate nickname from her past).

Elina Johansson has been compared to Tori Amos for coalescing balladic piano with falsetto, and to Bj√∂rk for her Scandanavian-tinged vocals. But the comparisons list does not stop there—a fact that indicates the versatile strength of her musical talent.

For Everything Of Worth is Elina Johansson's limited self-released 2005 debut album. This year, that album was remastered, renamed Dear Euphoria and re-released in October by Stereo Test Kit—including four new songs. Then, early next year, fans should be on the lookout for DE's next album.

For Dear Euphoria's latest release, Sven Johansson contributed guitars, percussion and vocals, while Stefan Stenberg plays double bass.

Elina Johansson prefers an unrefined tone to her recordings because of how overproduced recordings can remove the sonic patina that characterizes genuineness. In an interview with Absolut Music(blog), she explained, Money buys you time, freedom and opportunities but not passion...

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