Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dick Prall

Chicago-based singer-songwriter Dick Prall is an Iowa transplant who released the rootsy pop album Weightless, which characterizes the well-crafted songwriting of his musical influences.

Among his major influences are The Beatles, Buddy Holly, Elvis Costello, and Paul Westerberg; all represent memorable singer-songwriters. But he informed Up Next that Quentin Duarte(a former co-writer) was a primary influence in how he encouraged Prall to learn guitar, and write his own songs. While Prall also admired Buddy Holly for how the prolific artist refused to allow anyone else to write or produce his own music.

Duarte wrote that he "felt the emotional social political lyrical statement (the message of the music) was more important..."

After the original Dick Prall Band broke up in Iowa, he became a father, moved to Chicago, and continued to write songs and tour under the pseudonym of Starch Martins, which he eventually dropped for his real name: Dick Prall - solo artist.

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