Saturday, December 22, 2007

Club 8

Swedish indie-pop is made up of melodist and multi-instrumentalist - who also runs Labrador Records.

The best pop tracks from Sweden stand out for their melodies. In an interview with Lunapark6, Angergård expressed how the band strived to make every note, every little sound, as emotional as possible. Not to be confused with Emo, rather, melodies that resonate with the heart - similar to how tuned strings resonate with wood. Komstedt's melodies target that area where all of our smiles and tears come from.

is the A-side off their 2007 Labrador release of . Which serves as a prime example of the melody-driven vibe that the band took the time to develop at Summersound Studios.

Angergård noted that 80s-era UK bands were influential, including The Smiths, The Orchids and The Field Mice. Also, in the studio, he played all of the musical instruments except the trombone and the brass.

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