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The Swedish all-girl group, , released their nine-track baroque-pop album titled in 2006. Their songwriting encompasses a collaborative process between all four band members equally, by which pieces are fitted together during band practices. This musical symbiosis between Rebecka Kristiansson, Emelie Molin, Anna Tomlin and Victoria Skoglund has developed into rich chamber-pop soundscapes.

Essences of their Swedish influences can be heard, including instrumental works by Once We Were and Scraps of Tape. But Audrey has taken their sound deeper than standard rock instrumentals.

The appropriately somber is the A-side and opening track. After some instrumental buildup, the lead vocal begins the first verse with Björk-like innocence. Abstract lyrics enhance the song's veiled vibe by leaving the meaning esoteric while, at the same time, allowing the imagery to float to the surface.

During the following track, Views, a repeating cello riff carries the rhythm, shadowing the lead vocal. The balance between strings and drums exemplifies the genuine beauty of the genre.

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