Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hylozoists is the name of a rotating collective - a Canadian who's who list of musicians - assembled by Paul Aucoin.

While touring with a 13-piece, Hylozoists can fit the bill, but this forces them to pick and choose venues that can fit the band.

As well as the organizer, Paul Aucoin is also the primary songwriter. Sometimes he will provide clear cut parts for a particular musician to play, other times he will leave room for a band member to come up with their own interpretation.

Each instrumental track off the latest full-album La Fin Du Monde sets the scene as a movie soundtrack would. Each track could be dubbed in a series of unrelated film shorts; little projects that have been spliced together into one reel. And for that reason, all of the song titles are tentative. Write your own little screenplays, and then change the song titles. Musique pour la Sonorisation.

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