Monday, November 19, 2007

The Golden Dogs

The band name for five-piece Toronto-based The Golden Dogs was inspired by a dream that frontman Dave Azzolini had about a "invisible dog, and every time I'd pet it, it would make this amazing sound."

The Wings-era McCartney cover - Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-five - is listed as the ninth track(see Revolution 9) on the discography of their latest full-album Big Eye Little Eye.

Birdsong - from the band's previous triple-EP Everything in 3 Parts - is on the soundtrack for the Canadian comedy Everything's Gone Green. The track was also licensed to an ad campaign for Zellers - "this means we can get a van and things that let us be a band," Azzolini informed The Coast during a phone interview.

The latest full album's lead track Dynamo kicks the door open with a Ramones vibe. The latter punk forerunner had played their final show in August 1996.

The sunny lead vocals on Construction Worker are provided by the band's keyboard percussion mistress, Jessica Grassia - Azzolini's better half.

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