Saturday, November 10, 2007


The senior-thesis-borne Clarksboro-based Danielson is an assembly of family and friends in symbolic uniforms. Previous eponymous incarnations of Daniel Smith were Danielson Famile and Br Danielson.

Smith's brand of dissonant falsetto was influenced by Black Francis of the Pixies. He was listening to the Beatles at the age of five. He also listened to early Dylan albums as a kid. Other influences were the Minutemen and Sonic Youth. When something works or connects with your ear its hard to say why, related Smith in an M station interview.

Danielson's latest celebratory message arrives in Ships, which has proven to be most accessible—an album to resolve all things past, according to the band's bio. This new LP has the potential to broaden a loyal fan base. Through a half-dozen albums—and a decade of touring—Smith has clarified his experimental avante-garde music, further defining the concept of art rock.

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