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Singer-songwriter Natasha Thirsk started the Vancouver-based indie-rock band Catlow. She is a self-taught musician raised by musical parents, and former lead-singer of The Dirtmitts. Her father played saxophone and her mother played piano.

Kiss the World was recorded at Studio 9. Included in the musical collective for the album were the following:
Ian Browne (Matthew Good Band)
Wil Golden (Michelle Branch)
Ed Maxwell
Al Sgro (Gary Jules)
She enjoyed working with the lineup, but would "like to have a set, solid group of people to work with," Thirsk informed BeatRoute Magazine. But Kiss does not solely represent indie-rock. "I write so many different styles of music. I started off writing dance music, then I got into indie rock, and then I write sad songs," . Her strong tracks - representing indie-rock - are Number One and The Weekend. On acoustic guitar, there are Sun in My Eyes and Ocean Space Sand, while Iamloved hatched from "the whole shuffle-pop thing, which I totally picked up from nightclubbing."

She collaborated with friend Jennifer Deon to form The Dirtmitts who released their first self-titled album on Sonic Unyon Records in 2001, which had two tracks featured on the television series Just Deal and in the incidental music for the film American Psycho 2. The title track of The Dirtmitts' second album Get On appears on the second season soundtrack for the cable television series The L Word.

Among artists Thirsk likes are Elliott Smith, Jesus and Mary Chain, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and New Order.

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