Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bound Stems

Bound Stems sprouted out of the multifarious math-rock roots of Chicago - the genre's historical hub in the Rust Belt.

The meaning of the band name is linguistic, not botanical. For example, -ceive is a bound stem that requires the suffix re- or con- in order to function as a real word.

Appreciation Night is their full-length debut engineered at Studio Ballistico. According to Flameshovel Records, "the songs' edges are embroidered with the found sounds of airport patter and clattering turnstiles, parties, private conversations, snow crunch and drifting histories." The album is a musical social mosaic of the city it was inspired by.

Texas-transplant multi-instrumentalist and solo-songwriter, Janie Porche is the new addition to their lineup - who adds the vocal feminine touch for a boy-girl dynamic.

In Crimes and Follies, Bobby Gallivan's lyrically cathartic vocal tracks are laid out side-by-side in split-channel stereo, causing an interesting sonic effect through headphones.
you tried to explain, you shot it back, you talk a pretty good game
and at the end of the night, we're crawling up the stairs together with a secret inside
Excellent News, Colonel is about a girl from New York who falls in love with a guy from Chicago. When the conversation switches from her to him, the time signature changes, as if to represent his personality. Taped conversation and airport sounds help tell the story of long distance romance.

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