Monday, November 12, 2007

Clorox Girls

Justin Maurer, songwriter and guitarist for the band with a gender switched brand-name - Clorox Girls - likes the support punk bands receive overseas. Where they "played 47 shows in 45 days in Europe," according to Punk TV.

Colin Grigson(former bass player) posted tour diary entries in Willamette Week for some of their shows in August 2006, including shows in Mexico and Brazil. Regarding the São Paulo show, he expressed, "I like feeling far from home. I think that's why I like touring so much."

Two standout tracks from their latest pop-punk release J'Aime Les Filles are Flowers of Evil and Straight to My Heart. The Portland-based band's hooky third full-album was named after the title of a song composed by 60s-era French singer-actor Jacques Dutronc. While fans riff through the non-HC tracks, they might catch nuances of The Beatles, The Ramones, and surf punk.

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