Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Golden Bear

Golden Bear is a hero of the universe, and the personification of a indie-rock group based in Austin, Texas—the band you will find in the galactic-forest rock genre—characterized by themes of triumph, hope and excitement, along with rocking anthemic riffs and bombastic beats to create a melodious roar, according to their label, C-side Records.

Galactic Forest also happens to be the name of a die-hard intergalactic task force mentioned in a novel titled, Reclusive Authority by Bruce Kost, in which a host of various races of lifeforms throughout the universe join forces against a metagalactically sinister force that threatens to destroy them.

It is likely that, frontman Chris "Grizzle" Gregory based the band's name on the legendary Golden Bear, a large golden member of the Ursus arctos species, which includes the brown bear and the Kodiak bear.

To make a long story short, if a multitude of orchestras—from all over the universe—got together for a cosmic jam, Ten Thousand Orchestras would make a good encore.

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