Thursday, September 27, 2007


L.A.-based indie-rock band Earlimart has returned from a two-year hiatus with Mentor Tormentor, including the Aimee Mann-ish track Happy Alone, which seems to capture the essence of a musical relationship in peril, with bassist Ariana Murray singing about a tormentor. Evident is the angst of the member of a rock band that has been in a continuous state of flux for years. The sorrowfully sweet vocal melody begins with:

call in the air strike, tell them to make the drop
initiate a cycle no one but you can stop

She may be speaking directly to Aaron, through this beautiful gem she wrote.

Frontman Aaron Espinoza listed the complications affecting the band since the 2004 release, Tremble & Tremble. "We had been dropped from our record label, we had money problems, and we had different band members leaving," he informed Seattle Weekly.

Perhaps one could also take Happy Alone as a stylistic reprise to their previous Elliot Smith tribute - for the somber shadow it casts.

Based on hard facts, Aaron and Ariana are survivors.

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