Thursday, September 3, 2015

Oh Wonder: Heart Hope

orig. image by Mike Lee Thomas
Josephine, co-writer for London-based songwriting couplet Oh Wonder, layers the honey sweetness. While Anthony lays down the rich texture for their alt-pop hit, Heart Hope, which helped them become an in-demand band, loved for their monthly tracks. Using SoundCloud for song send-offs, the two exploited the subscriber mindset of social media. Fans depending on digital events to break the monotony of life; the weekly television series, now, the scheduled music release. Since technology allows musicians to write/record/release all in a day, it is only a matter of time before more good songwriters schedule just-recorded releases of full singles straight out of their home studios. This suddenly famous DIY-duo has proven the inevitable. New listeners become intimate with tracks incrementally, while the immediacy of fresh releases quickly builds interest for tours—attracting spontaneous fans to venues. Embedded audio players become digital middlemen.

Placed above a piano is a handwritten bucket list, of sorts. A little list of goals, it contains a series of aims that Gucht and West set out to achieve as a career. One aims to be in-demand songwriters, respected for our art. And that's how Oh Wonder started - as an exercise in songwriting.1

Realizing the quality of their music, Oh Wonder, should no longer wonder why they are suddenly in-demand; after being written, that phrase became a decree. If a song resonates hope deep within the heart of its listener, a deposit is left. We need a britpop message of hope deposited there. Beautiful songs resonate in the spirit even more than in DNA. Which may help explain why a growing fan base is all ears for songs which lead to record deals and world tours. Contributing to the surreal enchantment of sudden fame which now occupies the imaginations of the twosome. By virtue of instinct and intuition, they defied cerebral music; bypassing minds to target hearts where hope resides.

  1. Milton, Jamie. Interview: Pinch, punch, first of the month: Oh Wonder. DIY Magazine. Sept. 1, 2015. Web. Accessed: Sept. 3, 2015.

Oh Wonder Tour Dates

Oh Wonder

1. Livewire (03:23)
2. Body Gold (03:04)
3. Technicolour Beat (03:00)
4. Drive (03:16)
5. Lose It (03:49)
6. Landslide (03:28)
7. White Blood (04:17)
8. Without You (03:44)
9. The Rain (02:54)
10. Dazzle (03:07)
11. All We Do (03:34)
12. Midnight Moon (03:30)
13. Shark (03:07)
14. Heart Hope (04:09)
15. Plans (03:55)
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