Sunday, September 27, 2015

GRRRL PRTY [Lizzo, Sophia Eris, Manchita]

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Lizzo of the hip-hop all GRRRL PRTY is a hard act to keep track of—she's moving too fast. In the middle of her formative years, her family moved from Detroit to Houston. In 2011, she responded to a friend invite, and busted a move to the Minneapolis indie scene. Where she co-led the electro-funk group Lizzo & The Larva Ink and co-wrote the song The New World Order. She then moved on to collectively co-found GRRRL PRTY, The Chalice, The Clerb, and Absynthe.

Both Lizzo and Sophia Eris are members of GRRRL PRTY and The Chalice, with the addition of Manchita completing GP's feminine triple threat. Lizzo featured rapper Sophia Eris on Batches & Cookies. Lizzo and Manchita co-rap on TBLIF 4. All three grrrl up for Wegula (a nerdy pronunciation of regular). Their farcical hip-hop graffiti is splattered with satirical double entendres. TBLIF 4 ends with apocalyptic industrial jibe:

It was interesting to hear Manchita's rap gain momentum in TBLIF 4. As the DJ's track looped, she got a feel for the sonic foundation her story would be framed on. Then rapped a few words, which seemed to represent the topic, and register with Lizzo. Then the duo exchanged a few words—it's official. Manchita started to impart inertia. Suddenly, it was as if a record needle fell into a groove. She broke into a steady rap, at times shifting into a fast-paced staccato. That's the cool part. Where ears need to listen or they're missin' the story.

The video for alt-hip-hop Batches & Cookies features a butter-coated male love interest. Lizzo collaborated with Lazerbeak from local Doomtree indie hip hop collective and Ryan Olson of Marijuana Deathsquads. The video goes with her début LIZZOBANGERS LP on the Totally Gross National Product label.

GRRRL PRTY's info page reads:

GRRRL PRTY is a celebration of femininity and unsheathed swagger featuring three of the most innovative voices in hip-hop this decade. The spitfire poetess Sophia Eris, percussive hellion Manchita, and southern rapstress Lizzo defy ideals and create an undeniable gritty, unapologetic sound. GRRRL PRTY delivers a sizzling live show. GRRRL PRTY is infectious and leaves listeners feverish for more. You're invited to GRRRL PRTY. Get it.1
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