Saturday, January 12, 2008

Golden Death Music [Ephemera Blues]

Columbus-based Golden Death Music is the musical pseudonym of singer-songwriter Michael Ramey. The rich, stylistic variety actualized on his latest release titled Ephemera Blues disguises the fact that he had everything to do with the album. And Ramey has a large collection of music that he often returns to - it serves as a reservoir of influences.

A melancholic fog overspreads Ephemera Blues. The closing track, Into the Ocean, captures a mysterious vibe that Pink Floyd was well-known for.

Throw yourself into the water
Feel the changed and tainted ocean
Let the damaged waves caress you
Feel the change...

In an interview with The English Assassin, Ramey described a esoteric factor that affects his songwriting:

There’s an emotional state I’ve been able to attain sometimes when I’m playing or listening to music that is characterized by a pure, thoughtless feeling of energy.

Not only does his music represent the pursuit of such a feeling, but his desire to share it with listeners.

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