Sunday, October 14, 2007

Architecture in Helsinki

Formerly Northcote-based(now NYC) band revisits the synth-saturated decade. Indie-pop's sugar-spiked Architecture in Helsinki jacks up the jacked-in listener with dance-driven beats. The cosmic track Hold Music from their Polyvinyl Places Like This delivers a fizzy caffeine-buzz with vocals hinting at late-80s B-52s.

Most of the eight band members pull out multiple instruments during performances, adding a variety of orchestral toys to their sound. This may indicate why Helsinki is commonly tagged "a collective", as applied to this productive collection of musicians featuring a variety of instruments and styles.

On Places, Cameron Bird's vocals can be heard on every track. In an interview, Bird informed Dig that there is "one major government-funded alternative radio station [in Australia] that kind of dictates who's popular in the independent music world. As far as the scene, the support, and the music coming out of it, it's fantastic."

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